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ICU NEXT DESTINATION – Relocation, simple and transparent

Competent support for foreign assignments and fast orientation while on location: the innovative assignment management tool reduces the complexity of relocation and facilitates communication and coordination between companies, their expatriates, and HR-managers during employee deployment. House-hunting and handling of legal formalities with public authorities becomes infinitely more simplistic and more transparent. With ICU NEXT DESTINATION, global managers are always one step ahead and arrive without a hitch.

Should you be interested in enjoying this new service tool, contact our professional team today for your best success!

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94032 Passau
info [at] icunet [dot] group
+49 851 9886660

Latest News

Why Coaching?

28 June 2020

“Who, exactly, seeks out a coach? … Informed leaders who want more out of life”For those of you who have ever played sports or been on a team, chances are you’ve had at least one great coach. This person is different than a teacher or an authority figure. They’re a personal sparring partner who stuck with you through the ups and downs and only has your best interests at heart. They made you a better sportsman. In our professional lives, the same principles apply and after more than 7 years of ... [mehr]


30 March 2020

THE ICUNET SOLUTION FOR WORKING FROM HOMEThe global COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our lives, requiring those of us who can to practice social distance for the protection of the public and work from home.The good news:ICUnet offers all training formats digitally and interactively. Traditional personal training formats can be offered in a series of compact 60 to 90 minute webinars that allow you and your team to participate wherever and whenever. Our interactive and flexible training ... [mehr]

What To Say In A Crisis

26 March 2020

FOREWORDUnyielding has been used to describe the Chinese approach to both business and life and this idiom is well used across China. Traditional Chinese culture typically discourages seeking help. We all hope China and its people can continue to be unyielding but we also all know many who will suffer long term negative impacts of the Covid 19 crisis in the weeks and months to come.I found myself really wanting to make sure I say the right thing to colleagues who are concerned about scared ... [mehr]

Interview with James Wang, CEO of KUKA China

27 June 2019

The 19th CPC National Congress Report attaches great importance to cultural confidence and has stressed that the Chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself without strong cultural confidence and a rich and prosperous culture. That's true when it comes to Chinese executives overseas in MNCs. Cultural confidence is important, and understanding the cultural differences makes a difference.“Cross-cultural communication” is just one of the buzzwords that’s being used everywhere but somemay ... [mehr]

A Passion for All Things Intercultural: Sangyi Li, ICUnet China

14 June 2019

We had a chat with Sangyi Li, Senior Account Manager at ICUnet. A key member of ICUnet’s China operations since joining in 2015, Sangyi is truly passionate about her work and all things intercultural.“We train both Chinese and Western employees across organizations whose workinvolve cross-cultural collaboration. And in my daily work I get to see the advantages of intercultural training and consulting first-hand.” says Sangyi. “Local employees of MNCs get the skillset to create high-trust ... [mehr]